Physical therapy went a little long today and I was hungry on my way home. I didn’t have any meat or fish defrosted and ready to cook, and I just wanted something quick, so I picked up a hot rotisserie chicken from Safeway. Yum.

I ate just under half of the chicken with a bunch of steamed green beans. Have you ever looked at fresh green beans next to canned green beans? The color of the canned beans is beyond putrid in comparison… yech.

Good news! My physical therapist encouraged me to do lots of walking (especially on inclines and even backwards) to help loosen up and strengthen my ankle. If it responds well to the increased activity and isn’t painful, I could maybe start running a bit next week!!!

Today I walked for 25 minutes on my mom’s treadmill, which worked out to just over a mile of hill intervals. Tomorrow I’ll walk again and try a Jillian Michaels DVD. I’m prepared to feel very, very weak with weights in my hands!

Also: Check out Aaron’s bio on the Audi Cycling Team Web site! Wooo! Can’t wait to cheer him on in his new black-and-white gear. : )

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