Busy weekend

I’m sorry I disappeared over the weekend! I wasn’t home very much at all, but I did stick to 99% Paleo eating! (The 1% was pretty much BBQ sauce and boozing.)

I actually wound up eating some roasted Brussels sprouts and kale with my breakfast on Saturday morning and just had tea at brunch with my friends. The coffee shop only had pastries, muffins and pre-made sandwiches, so it was a good call to eat beforehand!

Where did I leave off? Oh, yes, with my not-so-Paleo margarita on Saturday evening.

El Chupacabra on Phinney Ridge (near Red Mill) does amazing margaritas, and my mom, Don and I scurried over there after we finished exploring the Fremont Fair. I had a mango margarita, my mom had a house margarita and Don sipped a Manny’s.

We just love Chupa!

M & D munched on chips and salsa while I watched longingly, but I held out. I met up with Aaron afterward and we hit the Whole Foods hot bar and salad bar for dinner.

As always, I got way too much food! I ate the whole salad (Romaine lettuce, peas, carrots, zucchini, grape tomatoes, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and olive oil) but only had about half of the pulled pork and saved the rest.

I wound up polishing off the other half on Sunday morning before I went with my dad to Preservation Kitchen for Father’s Day brunch. So, so strange.

Brunch was a delicious Paleo hit!

I had the smoked duck omelette with arugula, which was so good. I asked for no cheese on the omelette, and substituted roasted veggies instead of potato hash and fruit instead of toast. I wound up giving the fruit to my dad, since the omelette and veggies (and mimosa, whee!) were quite filling.

My dad enjoyed skirt steak with scrambled eggs and grits. Yum.

And since we ate at noon, brunch left me full for most of the day.

By the time I got home from the rest of our Father’s Day activities, I was staaarving and too impatient to take a complete meal photo. Picture some bacon on the side of this plate of leftover tilapia and red bell pepper.

And then picture a big salad of Romaine, tomato, more red bell pepper, cucumber and olive oil, plus three dates and three squares of dark chocolate. That about rounds off Sunday and brings us up to date.

This morning, I had my current favorite breakfast: eggs and bacon on a bed of kale topped with garden-fresh chives.

I have appointments with both my PT and chiropractor today, so it’ll be a fun one! And a rainy one. Sheesh, Seattle, always with the rain!

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