I know — it’s weird to put my food on the deck. Shouldn’t it be on a table or something?

At least we don’t have a dog. That would be a very risky situation indeed.

For dinner, I had a tilapia filet with a big salad of Romaine, tomato, avocado, dried cranberries and olive oil. I can’t wait until my mom’s garden starts yielding some edible delights. Usually in the summer, I can throw together a fantastic salad out of things I pick from her backyard!

I also had two squares of dark chocolate for a snack — I’m currently nibbling on this kind from Trader Joe’s. If you need any excuse to buy some dark chocolate, check out this article about the health benefits of high-cacao dark chocolate and this list of the five best dark chocolate bars (according to Mark’s Daily Apple, at least).

Is that enough to convince you? Good. You are welcome.

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