My dinner was so, so random. I knew I wanted to finish the last (thank God!) leftover hamburger patty, but it was a small one, so I threw in a bit of bacon and one fried egg. I filled the rest of my plate with roasted Brussels sprouts and green beans and called it good.

Dessert was a square from a Trader Joe’s super-dark chocolate bar and a few dates. Super-dark chocolate, which is approved as a treat for primal eating, tastes so intensely smoky and rich that a small amount really fulfills my taste for chocolate! And dates are so naturally sweet; they’re always a nice little treat.

My mom and I watched one of our all-time favorite movies tonight — You’ve Got Mail. It’s the perfect romantic comedy! I remember seeing it in theaters and can’t believe it came out 14 years ago.

Raise your hand if that just made you feel old…

I have a good story to share tomorrow morning. See you then!

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