Lunch was… exactly what I had for dinner last night!

Those leftover hamburgers just don’t quit. It reminds me of a recent plight my mom and Don had with meatloaf. As he stared at it, about to cut himself a slice for the third night in a row, Don sighed, “This meatloaf is like a life sentence.”

It then went into the freezer. I would help eat it, but it contains breadcrumbs and cheese!

I broke a sweat at physical therapy today. I did some time on the stationary bike, plus I did squats on a BOSU ball, balanced on a rounded foam thingy while bouncing a ball back and forth with my PT, did leg presses on a machine and more. Lots of balancing today. Can someone please tell me WTF kind of sorcery is required to not look like an idiot on a BOSU ball?

I also got The Death Touch again today, which is when the PT presses her thumb really hard into this one part of my ankle. Oh damn, it hurts. Apparently it’s a joint that became compacted when I fell. (I don’t know, she explained it to me, but I forgot.) She said it’ll hurt less every time she does it, though.

I’m going to hold her to that.

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