Does eggplant egg-in-a-hole ever get old? I hope not.

I’m currently enjoying these with a little sea salt — heaven.

Did you know that eggplant is actually a fruit and is botanically classified as a berry? Here I was this whole time thinking it was a veggie. File under: Things I Wouldn’t Have Known If It Weren’t For Those Signs At Trader Joe’s.

I was up bright and early this morning to go with my mom to the dentist, then drive her to work (I need to have her car during the day to go to my various appointments). I ate last night’s leftover steak and a Larabar to tide me over for the two hours it would take for me to get back home.

It’s actually a sunny, cloudless day in Seattle — something we haven’t enjoyed for more than two weeks! I plan to get outside for a (slow, careful) walk in the neighborhood and some hammock time.

Yes, I am an adult on summer vacation. Feel free to hate me.

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