Dinner with Aaron means STEAK!

I’ve never cooked steak for myself, but I will most certainly eat it if it’s cooked for me. Luckily, Aaron seems to have a freezer full of it.

On the side, we had roasted baby carrots with rosemary. Oh, and we watched Casper while we ate! Was 1995 really that long ago? I still love that movie.

I know I just posted that I don’t crave ice cream (among other things) anymore, but we had a bit of it tonight since we found coconut-milk ice cream at Trader Joe’s today!

It’s not completely paleo, as it obviously contains added sugar and some hard-to-pronounce ingredients, but it doesn’t contain dairy or gluten. Once we finish these cartons (only a pint each, like Ben & Jerry’s), I won’t be buying it again except for special occasions. I just had a little spoonful each of chocolate and strawberry, which was plenty.

A note on dairy: I have pretty severe seasonal allergies and (TMI?) feel mucous-y more often than not. I’ve noticed in the past year or so that eating dairy really exacerbates that feeling. Even though I love cheese to death, I definitely feel much better overall now that I’m not eating dairy!

I didn’t post a photo of lunch because I didn’t really sit down to a meal; Aaron and I kind of grazed while watching The Green Mile (so good). I had a Larabar, some raw baby carrots and a smoothie made of frozen strawberries, papaya and mango with almond milk. We also munched on raisins, almonds and cashews while sunbathing at Green Lake.

It was a fruit-heavy day (i.e. lots of sugar), so I’ll make sure to pack in more veggies tomorrow. I have another appointment with my chiropractor, and then a much-anticipated (by me) first session of physical therapy on Tuesday. Let’s get this ankle back in business!

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