Aaron and I recently discussed our lack of cravings. Things I used to love – like buttered toast, grilled-cheese sandwiches, mac and cheese, ice cream, etc. (trust me, I could go on) – don’t appeal so much anymore.

We passed a Dairy Queen yesterday and I thought about my favorite cookie-dough blizzard, which is effing delicious, but I didn’t want it. I know it would probably hurt my stomach, since it’s more used to eating real food at this point.

Anyway, I just think it’s amazing how the body works. It really craves what you eat. Eat junk, crave junk. Eat veggies, crave veggies. And so on.

All this to say that I had an apple with a drizzle of honey as a snack and found it more than satisfactory. It left me feeling way better than a Dairy Queen blizzard would have, too.

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