The first meal of Week 2: Breakfast!

– One eggplant egg-in-a-hole
– The last bacon-wrapped date with sausage (cut in half for even reheating)
– One scrambled egg with half of a sauteed zucchini
– A side of rain-spattered patio table to remind you that I live in Seattle

I keep getting comments and messages that say, “Please keep posting your food! You’re inspiring me to go paleo!” So I will. (I haven’t gotten a single negative comment or message about it.)

Since I can’t run, this is what I’m focusing on health-wise right now. Plus, it helps me remember what I’ve eaten each day and what I might need to add in later — for instance, yesterday’s breakfast and lunch contained zero greens, so I had that big salad for dinner.

Plus, I like taking pictures and practicing food photography. : )

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