Paleo Chipotle: Salad with chicken, fajita veggies, three scoops of pico de gallo and a side of guacamole.

If I can eat Chipotle while eating paleo, I’m a very happy girl!

My mom and I hit up my favorite fast-ish food joint after a mother-daughter chiropractor visit — my first one ever. My hips, back and neck were all out of whack thanks to using crutches and favoring my right leg so heavily this past month, so I got several cracks and pops to set me straight.

The chiropractor really recommended I go to physical therapy to ensure my ankle heals properly. My range of motion is pretty much non-existent, and I feel like I’ve lost all my strength there. She referred me to a physical therapist who’s a triathlete and does good things. Sign me up!

Oh, and my chiropractor is a 3:15 marathoner, so I’ll do whatever she says!

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