Start building the ark

Sorry, Seattle Marathon runners, but I’m really glad I’m not running 26.2 this weekend. This weather is about as craptastic as it can get — wind, rain, cold, more rain. Unpleasantness all around.

I’ll very likely be there to cheer you on, though! Let me just find a portable biosphere.

Thank goodness for my gym membership. It’s been getting a lot of use lately.

Here’s what went down tonight:

* Free weights — 3 x 8 bicep curl, hammer curl, military press, chest press (all 15#) and bent-over row (25#)

* 4 miles on the treadmill — 35:04, 8:46 pace

The run was fantastic. My legs were all beat up after Sunday’s fast 12-miler, but they felt fresh and raring to go tonight. I did a warmup 800 at 9:30 pace, then a speedy 800 at 8:30 pace followed by an easy 400. Then I ran at 8:30 for a full mile, recovered, then ran another 8:30 mile.

So, let me get this straight: If I run faster… then I run faster?


FYI: Wanna run fast? Put Flo Rida’s “Good Feeling” on your iPod. And watch that video. Flo does some shirtless running, and his body is all kinds of siiiick. Also? Cool shoes.

Edited to add: Tonight’s 4-miler put me at exactly 400 miles run since I began marathon training! You hear that, Vegas?? You’re going DOWN.

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