Friday-night gym and the 16 miles of doom

I hit the gym for a really quick strength-training session because obviously all the cool people go to the gym on Friday night.

No, really, my gym was packed, so alllllllll the cool people were there! I was actually surprised.

Now I’ve got three days of running (total of 17 miles) and two days of strength-training under my belt so far this week. I just have to get through tomorrow. What’s going on tomorrow, you ask?

Ohhh, just 16 miles. Just a mile farther than I’ve ever run before. No big.

Let’s hope it goes better than the disastrous 15-miler from two weekends ago. I’m going to wear my magic running tights and I’ll be running at least 8-10 miles of it with fellow Tumblr-er Meg, so I’m optimistic.

Even though super-speedy Meg has her eye on a BQ, she said she’ll run at my pace, which will hopefully fall between somewhere between 9:40 and death shuffle. Yay for Internet running buddies!

FYI: rfgr26 asked about the brand of the magic running tights — they are Adidas Supernova. They’re from last year, but here’s a link to the most similar ones I can find. I tried on a bunch of tights at a running store and these just happened to be the most comfortable ones for me, so I suggest y’all do the same if you’re in the market!

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