Square one

I did NOT want to run tonight, but I just had 3 easy miles on the schedule and realized I could use them to test out my new tri top and bottom! After all, you should always try stuff out before race day, right?

Wheee, so excited to run now! This may sound odd, but this outfit made me feel like a real athlete (whatever that means).

And then… then, friends, I was not so excited. Not even a quarter-mile into the run, the top had already ridden up super far several times, and I was not having it. I actually interrupted the run to go home and change into a different top!

Now my challenge is to figure out what kind of tri top to get that won’t ride up — or, at least, won’t ride up as much, since I suspect that finding a completely un-ride-up-able top is a pipe dream.

Un-ride-up-able. You heard me.

TRIATHLETE LADIES: Can you advise me on this? Do I need to go tighter? (This top is a size medium, but the small fit fine as well.) Do I need to go with a different style altogether? Should I look for something compression-y (like this)? If all else fails, is it socially acceptable to safety-pin the top to the shorts?

Moving on. I actually completed a legit recovery run, averaging a 9:46 pace over 3 miles. My legs are still a little tired/sore from the 10-mile-run/22-mile-ride combo I did this weekend, so this slower run was good for me.

Also, the 2XU tri shorts are the bomb. I could not be happier with them!

I hit the gym afterward for strength training. I was super pleased to be able to use 12.5- and 15-pound free weights for moves that I hadn’t been able to go as heavy on in past weeks. I just love feeling stronger.

Now that I’m back to square one on the tri top situation, I’m looking forward to any advice I can get from you badass tri-women! Rach? Robin?

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