Look who got a tri outfit!

2XU tri shorts. Zoot tri top. Yeah, pink and orange happened.

I went into the tri store thinking I wanting a one-piece tri suit, but I tried a few on and didn’t like how constricting they felt. Plus, I can wear the top for regular bike rides and such. Two pieces can be much more versatile and all that.

Do you think this outfit will help me look like I know what I’m doing?

I also got some sweet goggles, an inexpensive extra swim cap, a simple belt for my race number and a few tubes of Nuun. Ahhh, sweet Nuun!

The tri store is dangerous. I want ALL THE THINGS.

Then I hit the pool with the awesome and amazingly helpful Vicki and one of my roommates. My swimming was horrific at first, but I slowly improved and even felt great for a few lengths. Then, as I got tired, it deteriorated once again.

Oh, well. I got better today!

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