This is a new thing.

I got really sweaty just walking home from my bus stop tonight thanks to the glaring sun, so I kinda made a snap decision to do my run in just shorts and a sports bra.

Hey, men go shirtless all the time! So do confident, badass women! Why couldn’t I?

OK, so I felt a bit self-conscious, but I decided to do it anyway. Honey badger don’t care!

I ended up smoking the first mile because it’s along a busy street and, yeah, I felt like everyone was watching. That tired me out for the next two miles and I got a bit slower, but I felt like I had to uphold the whole “badass runner woman in just a sports bra” image, so I pushed it. 

This was a very exhausting run, but satisfying and confidence-building!

There is a lot of sweat going on here. Extremely rare stomach photo alert.

Then I rinsed off and sped over to a nearby community pool to meet up with therevickigoesagain, a badass triathlete who was kind enough to teach me some swimming fundamentals! She’s training for a marathon in October and is doing a half Ironman in May, so you’ll want to follow her fo sho.

Vicki gave me tons of great tips and ever-so-patiently watched me swim and helped me work on my stroke, breathing, kicking, etc. It’s hard for me to keep in mind all the different things I need to do, but this type of hands-on learning is what I really need to improve. Thanks, Vicki, for being my swimming hero!!

Aaaaand I’m exhausted. Good night!

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