Sunday means cross-training…

… and TRI training!

Today I learned how to clip in to my clipless pedals (confusing, right?). I was really, really afraid to fall, and I ALMOST did a few times, but I always caught myself!

We went to Aaron’s parents’ house to gear up. Aaron’s mom got ready to ride with us, and his stepdad played photographer.

At first, Aaron held my bike steady as I practiced clipping in and out.

Then I practiced clipping in while riding, with Aaron nearby to catch me if I did something crazy.

We circled the neighborhood a few times so I could get used to riding with my shoes clipped in…

…and then we were ready to go!

We biked 13.5 miles on the road. There were a few steep hills and one bout of tears — mine, of course, because at one point I was trying to clip in while I was about to go down a hill and COULD. NOT. GET. MY. LEFT. FOOT. IN. THE. PEDAL. The tears were a mixture of frustration and fear.

I ended up walking my bike down the hill and clipping in at the bottom. The other things that scared me were the CARS and the METRO BUS that ended up right behind me at one point. I loved riding my bike and felt I got the hang of the clipless pedals, but I could really do without the cars. Yup.

Aaron and his mom were so helpful and patient with this newbie. Thanks, guys!

Once we returned from our ride, it was time to SWIM!

Wheee! Aaron’s mom loaned me a swim cap and goggles, and Aaron and I walked to the outdoor pool in her neighborhood. It wasn’t a lap pool, but trust me, it was just the right length for Aaron and me to practice freestyle from one end to the other. Swimming is EXHAUSTING!

I’m happy to report that my skillz are a few steps above a doggy paddle, and I’ll definitely survive the tri swim. More practice is definitely in order, though, especially an open-water swim.

So that was my very productive day! Back to running on dry land tomorrow…

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