Let me just start off by saying that my company softball team is UNDEFEATED. 9-0, baby!

I’ve only played in three of those games, but I still get to share in the glory.

We had two games last night and the first one was a doozy. We played an 8-1 team in a battle for first place in the RAT (radio, advertising and television) league.

In this game, I hit the ball and made it to first. Someone else hit me to second. And then someone knocked it out to send me home.

BUT. As I ran from third to home, I saw the ball being thrown to home. I started screaming (not kidding here) as I ran to home, and a girl on the opposing team stood RIGHT on the plate to catch the ball.

I don’t know if I smacked into her or just tripped trying to get around her, but somehow I fell and did a complete roll on the ground behind home plate. I popped back up ASAP to avoid the further embarrassment of lying in the dirt, and then I heard my teammates screaming, “TOUCH THE PLATE!!!”

Apparently, I hadn’t been tagged out.

I could have just moved my foot to touch the base with my toe, but guys, I DROPPED FULLY TO THE GROUND, as in flat on my stomach, and laid my chest on the base. I have no idea why I did that, but as I peeked up at the umpire from my place in the dirt, he looked me in the eye and said, “SAFE!”

And that’s what we call playing for keeps.

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