I’ve been MIA, Tumblr! And by MIA, I mean lazy after my half-marathon.

Here is evidence that yesterday I wore a dress for the THIRD time in THREE weeks. Whoa. I can’t figure out what the print is supposed to be. Possibly Dalmatian?


Anyway, last night I actually ran 3 miles (27:45) and was SO sweaty and sunscreen-y when I finished that I rinsed off in the shower and put on new workout clothes before heading to the gym.

Yeah, I know.

I walked the mile to the gym and then tackled some big, scary weight machines, free weights and a barbell for good measure. I had no clue what I was doing, but I figured I’d just show up and get over my fear of the weights area (and the glistening men who are native to that habitat).

I did what all the little pictures on the machines said to do and didn’t hurt myself, and no one told me I was doing it wrong (a fear). I can sign up for a free session with a personal trainer to really learn how to use everything, so that’s cool.

I will be incredibly sore tomorrow. Plus, I have TWO softball games to play tonight, so just throw the bat-swinging soreness on top of everything else.

And yet I long for that painful-but-satisfying burn.

It’s an inherent side effect of WINNING.

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