Second-to-last run before the half-marathon!

This was one of those “PLEASE JUST LET IT BE OVER” runs. It was warmer and sunnier than I’m used to — so, basically, that means the sun was actually out in Seattle — and I got hot/sweaty/thirsty much faster than usual.

I could tell I was swallowing air bubbles along with my water, and sure enough I got some wicked cramps right at mile 2. I tried to push through them, but ended up pulling over for a minute to recover.

I’m excited for the nice, cool weather at the start of the half — 7 a.m., wheee!

Today, I got that nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach that I always get a few days before races… except today is MONDAY and the race is SATURDAY!

The nerves definitely affected my run tonight. It was tough to relax and just run. I kept having to tell myself, “Relax. You know how to do this. Don’t overthink it.”

I have a ton of support coming from friends, loved ones, Tumblr homies and Twitter friends, but I’ll still be nervous right up until the first step of that half-marathon! That’s just how I am. But I take comfort in knowing that once I run that first step, I’ll have an absolute blast…

And hopefully kill it.

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