Aaron is giving up his baby. Such a tough decision, but I am so proud of him for finally reaching one — and one that will help further his goals and dreams for the future. That’s the kind of man I love.


Very few people get to own one of their dream cars in their lifetime. I am very fortunate to consider myself one of those select few.

My 1966 Austin Mini Cooper S Monte Carlo is my favorite car I have ever owned. It was a car I drooled at pictures of and had dreams about. I have owned four different Minis and with each one of those, I strived to have it be this car.

A year and a half ago I was hit by someone running a red light on my motorcyle. Owning a motorcycle was always a burning desire of mine. Ever since I was a little boy watching a Honda CBRXX fly by my family’s car at 120mph, I had to have one. After my accident, I have not had the same passion for cars and bikes like I used to. In less than a year I have owned five different cars trying to find one that sparked that passion for automobiles I have had my whole life. None of them have. My attention span used to be that of a two-year old when I was in the car scene. No more. They don’t put that giant smile on my face, that rush of adrenaline like they used to. I am really enjoying fulfilling my passion for photography, cycling, and exploring new adventures with my “CLICK HERE”.

So, after much thought, changing my mind over and over, it is time to let it go. I listed the car for sale yesterday. The money that is just sitting in that car is better used elsewhere. I am saving for a down payment on a home, eventually travel the world, and of course putting away savings. 

The new owner, whoever it may be, will enjoy the car more than I ever will. 

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