11 miles!

Booooooom. My longest run ever!

Not gonna lie: This was a rough one. I was good through mile 9, and then my body/mind was kinda like, “Eff this!”

Mile 10 was the slowest at 10:57 because of a combo of hills and a deteriorating mindset. We (me + two guys I was running with) also walked a little bit during that mile.

I took a chocolate Gu at mile 7 at it didn’t seem to help me get any faster, but I guess it gave me the energy to finish (and it tasted like chocolate frosting, which ain’t bad at all).

I wore my fuel belt and drained both water bottles throughout the run. And the Garmin rocked my socks off with its pretty-accurate real-time pace and alerts every mile that showed the split.

The Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon is two weeks from TODAY! Based on this run, the Runner’s World training calculator predicts I’ll finish in about 2:10. I’d like to hit closer to 2:05 (about 9:30 average pace).

I’m done with underestimating myself. Time to believe that I can KICK SOME ASS!

P.S. For the Seattlites who this will mean something to β€” here’s the route we did today:

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