My return to the gym

Oh yeah, I belong to a gym! I’ve been running outside so much that I haven’t been to my gym in more than a month. I know because the last time I was there, I checked out some books from the nearby library, and now they’re about a week overdue…

So I returned the books, and returned to the gym for a quick 1.5 treadmill run, immediately followed by a 75-minute power yoga class. I was dripping sweat during yoga. If anyone thinks it isn’t a workout, just find a faster-paced class and you’ll get your sweat on for sure!!

I was very pleasantly surprised with how comfortable I am at a faster pace on the treadmill. 10:00/mi used to be my warmup pace and 9:30 was my manageable-but-sort-of-hard pace. This time, 9:30 wasn’t challenging at all, and I ended up running comfortably-but-sort-of-hard at 8:27.

I popped off the treadmill when it was time for yoga and I wasn’t even out of breath as I cleaned the machine. Crazy!!

I was a 10:00/mi girl for so long. It feels good to know how far I’ve come… and dream about how far I’ll go.

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