Hi there — I recently moved to Seattle, and I am looking for a running group. I notice that you go track workouts every week. Is it an open-membership club? Is there a fee? How can I find out more? Thanks – and congrats on your great race this past weekend. J

Hi, new Seattlite! Hope you’re loving this beautiful city so far.

I run with the American Cancer Society’s DetermiNation team to train for the Seattle Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon on June 25. It’s the first running group I’ve been a part of, and I love it! You can join DetermiNation or the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training to train for a specific event. I highly recommend it if you want to stick to a great training plan, meet new people and raise money for a good cause!

Otherwise, you can check out the Seattle Running Club and this page on Meetup.com, which lists a variety of formal and informal running groups in the Seattle area. Some health clubs have their own running groups, too, so you can check into that if you plan on joining a gym. Good luck!

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