This eve’s workout

It felt great to run to Body Pump! Because I took the most direct route from my house, I went up a huuuge hill. Crazy steep. I’ll take a picture of it sometime, since it’s right in my neighborhood. I had to walk stagger up much of it, and as a result, my first mile took nearly 12 minutes. The second mile was 9:22 though!

Body Pump is very interesting. I was expecting more of a step-aerobics-type cardio class with hand weights, but it was more of a lifting class with less emphasis on cardio. We used barbells with weights and did sets of exercises that worked different muscles β€” squats, dead lifts, bicep curls, bench presses, crunches, etc. The toughest were the squats, but probably because I had just run.

Side note: The instructor was a ripped eastern European woman named Ola. She had an awesome accent.

The 45-minute class flew by because of the fun music and how interested I was in learning all the moves.Β I’ll definitely be sore tomorrow. Can’t wait to go back next Thursday now that I know what to expect!

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