Pre-Friday notables (FYI, there is no such thing as “Thursday”):

* I cleaned myself up for the SECOND time in one week, meaning I straightened my hair, put on makeup AND wore a non-t-shirt shirt. This may look like a t-shirt, but it’s linen, which automatically makes it dressier than 99% of my wardrobe. Win.

* I received EXTREMELY awesome news at work today — news that let me know my hard work is definitely appreciated!!! Hence the thumbs-up, whoop whoop! Double win.

* I decided to RUN to my first free Body Pump class tonight, as the most direct route is only 2.75 miles in length, and thus I shall feel awesome by running instead of driving. Triple win.

Off I go! I’ll report back after my Body is Pumped (hmm, sounds gross).

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