I haven’t uploaded my runs to Nike+ for a looong time, so I finally did today and noticed there are now MILE SPLITS available! Hallelujah!

Yesterday’s cold, rainy, miserable run from Aaron’s place to Green Lake, around the lake and back (training plan called for 4 miles):

And the splits (not including the last .33 mile):

You can tell by the increasing pace each mile that it got colder, wetter and tougher throughout the journey…

This was the first time I’d voluntarily run in the rain β€” meaning it was already raining when we started and we decided to go anyway. I’m usually a wimp about being cold and wet, but I didn’t want to bail on my 10K training plan in the first week.

And, as with all runs, I was glad I went.

CONGRATS to everyone who ran in the rain, ran a race or ran a race in the rainΒ (TheMightyLife, holla!)Β this weekend!!!

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