I’ve officially gone rogue from Hal Higdon’s training plan. The painful 8-miler yesterday required a lighter workout than running today, so I did Level 2 of Jillian Michaels’ 30 Day Shred DVD instead of a previously scheduled 3 mile run.

I also just adapted the rest of the training plan to fit my schedule in an Excel spreadsheet. I threw in rest days to work around important activities like trivia night with my roommates at a bar (tomorrow), etc. Vital events, you know.

I also feel, Hal Higdon, that runs longer than 5 miles aren’t exactly necessary for 5K training. At least not for me. At least not for the way that I jumped into the middle of an 8-week training plan without properly building up my mileage. Eh-hem.

Anyway, I think even my modified training plan will help me run faster/better in the next 5K. This is the first time I’ve actually trained with a schedule instead of just randomly running however much I feel like running, so I hope it’ll pay off!

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