From aaronpass:

Snapped this photo out of my window at work today. In my personal opinion, this is what is happening:

January 27th, 2010. The man closest to the camera is the mob boss, Big Stu, he is big like his name.

Big Stu grew up in crime. Son to Franky II, one of the most notorious criminals of the 1920’s. As a boy he stole. As an adolescent, he made sure his Dad’s associates paid the money they owed. And at the age of 15, he killed for the first time. In 1964, he took over the family business.

To Big Stu’s right, Uncle Jimmy. His one and only right hand man. Anything he needs, Jimmy is there to get it done. Big Stu is explaining that next time they want to kill a man, they need to use a different building, this one is too close to the pigs. The next five on the ledge are the boys. Bobby, Franky, Pete, Dave, and Jerry. They kidnapped Paul, a local tailor that takes care of the clothes for Big Stu’s crew. Big Stu got word that Paul did a suit for a rival mob boss. That was the end of Paul The Tailor.

Lastly, the man in the back. That’s Little Rich, he is short, has a high-pitch voice and doesn’t fit in too well with the rest of the boys. Big Stu told him to back off the ledge as he is not ready to be part of “this side” of the business yet. No one else actually knows, Little Rich’s name is actually Robert Dyrse, an undercover police informant. He has been gathering evidence on Big Stu’s gang for about two years now, and witnessing this murder is just enough to put Big Stu and his entire crew behind bars.

Too bad for Little Rich, Big Stu has known this all along and when they go back inside, it will be the last door Little Rich ever passes through.

I do like to let my imagination run wild from time to time….

My running partner is a genius.

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