Survived the trip… and ran a new PR

Oh, so much to tell about this cruise!!!

The running-related part: I hit the fitness center twice.

Once while the ship was still docked in Ft. Lauderdale on Nov. 13 — did 3.1 in 33:08.

(I was rockin’ no sleep after a red-eye flight, but really needed to move after being cooped up on two planes, a taxi and in a waiting area to board the ship.)

And the second time while the ship was somewhere between St. Thomas, USVI, and Half Moon Cay, Bahamas, on Nov. 18 — did 2.5 in 28-ish.

(Running while the ship was moving was super, super, super difficult. I believe I had also consumed a drink containing vodka prior to this run, so that could have also contributed. Still, felt good.)

Epic travel day home yesterday. Flew to Chicago, got delayed a bit, then flew to Seattle. I discovered that I can’t sleep on planes.

Ran the Green Lake Gobble 5K this morning in freezing weather — literally 32 degrees, since it started SNOWING shortly after I finished the race — which was a bit of a shock after a week of 80+ degree weather and epic sunshine. But about a half-mile in, I got this wave of intense happiness and realized that there was nothing I would rather be doing.

lt was a pretty cool feeling to have this complete contentment and realization that I. Love. Running.

I felt a bit out of shape and had to walk a few times, despite the course being mostly flat. Still, squeaked out a new PR — 28:51.

Pictures to come soon! My photographer-friend, Aaron, came to show his support and take pics with his super-nice camera. He got some good ones. They’ll be Tumbld asap.

Oh, and my mom shaved TWO MINUTES off her last 5K time for a new PR of 33:25. Such a badass.

Is “new PR” redundant? Meh, don’t care. Off to get some much-needed sleep!!

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