Ha! So true

I’m obsessed with Ben Does Life, as is my mom. Ben has definitely inspired me to get more serious about running (as in going from not serious at all to, “Hey, maybe I could actually be good at this if I really try”) and I’ll make it no secret that this blog is modeled after his.

What he posted this morning is so incredibly true that it made me laugh out loud.


A very popular concern from readers I get via email goes like this:

“I want to do races like 5Ks and 10Ks but I’m terrified.”

It’s either because they are overweight and embarrassed to be seen at the races or they perceive themselves to be slow and are embarrassed.

I want to set the record straight here once and for all:

No one is judging or making fun of you.

More likely, you are inspiring someone or making spectators wish they were out there racing.

You are not too *anything* to be out there racing. And I suspect if you do try it, you will become an addict. There is something magical about a race that you can’t get from your regular, everyday running. You will finish the race and schedule your next one within a few hours (after the most glorious nap you’ve ever had… seriously, post-race naps are worth the entry-fee alone).


What did I do after the 5K yesterday? I took an epic nap. Then I scheduled my next 5K.

But seriously, I was a bit freaked out before my first 5K last month because I’m not a “serious” runner. I felt like I didn’t really belong in the race and that everyone would know it.

Once I got there, though, I realized that the race was filled with people of all different ages and abilities. There were serious runners, for sure, knocking out 5- and 6-minute miles and going for PRs. But there were also a whole bunch of people just there for the fun of it, and everyone did the best they could. No one judged. Everyone focused on his or her own race.

That’s what I like about running, at least the kind of running I’m doing: I’m not competing against anyone but myself, and I’ve found that I’m a worthy opponent.

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