Official time!

I did better than I thought!

Time: 30:26
Pace: 9:48

389th place (of 1,205 overall)
163rd place (of 743 females)
68th place (of 222 females age 20-29)

I’m happy that:

  • I was only 27 seconds off my goal time
  • My pace was under 10 minutes/mile
  • I finished before the end of the that Linkin Park song and didn’t have to finish Australian rap-style

I think if I can just increase my endurance so I don’t have to walk at all, I can easily break 30 next time. And if the next race has a flatter course (this one had three or four good inclines that left me huffing and puffing), it shouldn’t be a problem.

So tired now. Nap time!

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