Fundraising Update + NYC Dreams

First of all: WOW. I’m overwhelmed by the response to my previous post and the support you’ve shown for my NYC Marathon fundraiser for the Alzheimer’s Association. The fundraising commitment to earn my spot on the team was $4,200; you all exceeded that in nine hours! šŸ¤Æ

Given that more than six months remain until race day, I’d be remiss not to increase my goal and create space for more donations. My new goal is to raise $10,000 by November 5. If you haven’t already donated and would like to, you can do so here.

To everyone who already donated: thank you, thank you, THANK YOU! I wanted to create a tsunami of funding to help wipe out Alzheimer’s; you all did that and then some. Your support means more than I can put into words. šŸ’œ

So many of you reached out via Instagram DM to share kind words or your own stories about parents lost too soon to Alzheimer’s, cancer and other illnesses. Each story touched me deeply. This lonely journey of losing a parent is made better by connecting with and learning bits of wisdom from those who’ve walked it before. I have found it so therapeutic and freeing to write about the hardest parts of this experience and then release them into the world; it’s almost a physical relief to gather up these things that weigh on meā€”grief, guilt, helplessnessā€”and get them out of my body. Thank you for reaching out and trusting me with the things that weigh on you, too. I’m happy to help carry your load.

I’m so excited to share all about my NYC Marathon training once it begins. After my very flat half marathon on May 6, I’m going to start running hills like there’s no tomorrow. I’m thrilled to have access to the Alzheimer’s Association team coach, Amanda LaVergne, for all the info and training tips I need to run my best race.

NYC isn’t the easiest course, but make no mistake: I will be running for a PR. I want to soak in all the sights and sounds and excitement of one of the greatest marathons in the world, and I want to absolutely crush it. I ain’t flying across the country for a fun run!

I know I haven’t reached my full running potential yet, and I’m excited to chase it. I still want to qualify for the Boston Marathon someday. I’ve got 13 minutes and 26 seconds to chip away at over the next marathon (or two, or three, or more), at least until I turn 40 in 2027; then I get an extra five minutes. It seems quite doable to me if I put in the work, and I’m laser focused this year on working harder than I ever have before.

With the support of the Alzheimer’s Association team and all of you who’ve given me such a boost with your donations and words of encouragement, I’ll have the metaphorical (and hopefully literal) wind at my back on November 5. Plus, my mom will be with me every step of the way. For her, I’ll run like hell.

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