Pregnancy: 39 Weeks


I’m still pregnant! Despite the few times this week when I felt like labor was about to start, our baby is still just hanging out and enjoying herself in there.

So far, she seems to take after me in that I take for-ev-er to get ready and wait until the last minute to leave, but ultimately show up wherever I need to be just in time. This tendency certainly frustrates Aaron, whose philosophy is that if you’re not 10 minutes early, you’re late. What can I say? I like to take my sweet time, and apparently our baby does, too.

This was my last week going into the office for work, and Aaron and I drove together each day instead of taking the bus in case I went into labor and we needed to get home/to the hospital quickly. I even had a little emergency kit prepared if my water broke at the office (extra pants, undies, a towel, and a few heavy-duty pads), but of course that didn’t happen.

Now I’ll work from home until the baby actually arrives, as there’s no sense in wasting my paid time off or maternity leave just to wait around. But I’m not a huge fan of working from home, so I hope she comes soon!

I made sure to take some dorky photos to remember my last week at work. Here I was on Monday, in the dress I wore to Carly’s wedding but layered over a tank to make it more work-appropriate. It definitely, uh, maximizes the belly! But it was $35, is super-comfy, and will probably be something I wear quite a bit through this summer since it’s made of a stretchy knit fabric in a faux-wrap cut that will work well for breastfeeding.


Thursday was my final day, since we had a doctor appointment on Friday and planned to work from home anyway.


Jeans and a t-shirt, plus some sort of cardigan on colder days, was my go-to look these last few weeks. I’ve never been an especially fancy dresser, and my maternity wardrobe was no different. Thank goodness for a casual-ish work environment! Some people certainly dress to the nines, but I’ve never felt out of place in what I’ve worn, especially since I had the ultimate excuse to dress for comfort.

I felt a little “off” all day Thursday and thought it might be the day I’d go into labor. I used the restroom more than usual and regularly had minor Braxton Hicks contractions, which felt like tightness throughout my belly mixed with menstrual-like cramps. 

When I got home, I had a serious craving for a chocolate milkshake and made one out of nearly a full pint of chocolate coconut-milk ice cream and a little coconut milk, chugged it, then passed out watching a Khloe & Lamar marathon on E!. What, like you’ve never done that??

I hadn’t felt that strong of a craving or that exhausted in a long time, so I spent the whole rest of the evening anticipating I’d go into labor, but then… nothing.

Our 39-week appointment was the next morning, and the doctor reported I had finally made progress — one whole centimeter dilated! OK, so one centimeter out of the 10 centimeters I ultimately need to be dilated to deliver the baby doesn’t sound like that much, but I’m thrilled to be progressing at all. It’s nice to know that the weird feelings I had on Thursday moved things in the right direction.

In other news, the baby’s heartbeat is still nice and strong, my belly continues to measure on track, and I gained less than a pound since our last appointment, so I’m still up 36 pounds overall.

Our doctor said she’d be on-call all weekend and would love to see us back on Saturday or Sunday to have the baby, and we had our fingers crossed, too… but no such luck. Other than waking up Friday night with more minor Braxton Hicks contractions, I haven’t felt much happening, and it’s got me feeling a little bummed. Now that our calendar is completely clear and we have nothing left to do but have the baby, the waiting feels endless.

The good news is that I’m still sleeping really well and physically feel great. I didn’t set an alarm to wake up on Saturday or Sunday, and slept from 9-6 each night with just a few restroom wake-ups. I keep hoping to wake up to some real contractions or my water breaking, but in the meantime, I’ll enjoy these last few restful nights of sleep while I can.

I’ve been eating pineapple every day and had spicy food for dinner Friday and Saturday nights in the hopes of encouraging labor — both old wives’ tales, but they can’t hurt and are delicious to try! I also vacuumed this weekend (the urge to keep our house clean is strong) and we went to Costco, but vigorous cleaning/bulk shopping didn’t do the trick, either.

Finally, I went for a long walk today. I stopped by the gym 1/3 of a mile in for my first bathroom break and to capture my sweet basketball-belly look.


I did my usual 4.5-mile route and it started pouring about halfway through. I had a rain jacket and umbrella in my backpack, though, so I stayed warm and dry! I know I like to brag and post pretty pictures when Seattle is warm and sunny, but it does look like this a lot of the time, too. I love it anyway.


It’s supposed to stay cooler (in the 50s and 60s) this week, which is much better for walking (and new-baby snuggles) than the high-80s heatwave we just had! I’ll have to get out for a shorter walk every day now that I’ll be working from home to continue encouraging progress and keep myself from going stir-crazy.

I don’t want to sound ungrateful about waiting for the baby to arrive — I’m so thankful to have carried her to term, and hope that she’ll be very healthy and ready to take on the world when she does arrive — but I never expected the mental aspect of this last bit of pregnancy to be challenging; I always figured it would be physical discomfort that would get me down. I probably should have planned more activities to keep myself distracted from the waiting! “A watched pot never boils,” goes the saying, and I definitely feel like the pot right now.

I know much bigger challenges await after the baby arrives, so I don’t want to wish this time away, but I also just can’t wait to meet her!!!

Aaron is doing a better job of keeping busy than I am, as he’s been going out for bike rides and “man-dates” with friends — ha! He even went for a ride with his mom this morning. Look how cute they looked in their neon!


Plus, he’s busy cooking something delicious for dinner as I write this. 

I really haven’t given Aaron enough credit in these weekly posts for all the amazing ways he’s supported me throughout this pregnancy — from cooking me breakfast and packing lunch and snacks for me to take to work every day, to finding all our nursery furniture on Craigslist, to singlehandedly assembling our baby registry and stocking up on things like breast pads and nipple cream (!!!) that he somehow knew I’ll need. He’s so excited to be a dad, and he will be the best. I mean, he wants me to teach him how to braid so that he can eventually do our daughter’s hair! I can’t say enough about him. I may be the one physically carrying our baby, but he has carried me through this whole thing. Talk about things to be thankful for. ❤

Our next doctor appointment is on Wednesday — the day after the baby’s due date. Cross your fingers for some action before that!

I would love it if she comes on her due date after all, just like her just-in-time mom. 🙂

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