Pregnancy: 30 Weeks (and My Baby Shower!)


I’m officially in my thirties! Weeks, that is, not years. I still get to be 28 until May, while Aaron really is turning 30 in April.

According to my pregnancy app, our baby is about the size of a cantaloupe this week, measuring nearly 17 inches long and weighing about 3.5 pounds. I’m up 2.2 pounds from last week’s at-home weigh-in, yet down 2.3 pounds from the weight I recorded at last week’s doctor visit. Let’s just say I’m still up 23 pounds then, huh? Since our doctor visits have now increased to every other week, I’ll probably just go by those official weigh-ins from now on.

I finally had to buy bigger underwear this week, which I was really dreading because what kind of underwear do pregnant ladies even wear? I Googled something like “best pregnant underwear” and found message boards where many women recommended simply sizing up in your preferred style of Victoria’s Secret PINK underwear — particularly anything low-rise to accommodate the belly. I looked at a lot of other options first and found that it was really difficult to find wide, stretchy waistbands and comfy leg openings, but Victoria’s Secret nailed it. Huzzah!

I also used a lululemon gift card I’ve been hoarding for two years to buy a bigger size of my beloved Speed shorts. I tried some other styles while I was in the store, but found nothing else I liked better. So now I own three sizes of the same black running shorts, which is not weird at all, right?

Once again, I made it to the gym four times! I find myself scaling back on the resistance more often while using the adaptive motion trainer, since it seems to take less effort to get my heart rate going these days. I also get really sweaty even if it feels like I’m not working very hard. Thank goodness I’m not pregnant in the summer! I’d be a total mess.

I also got my hair cut this week, which turned out to be more of a dramatic chop than I intended, but I’m getting used to it. You’re about to see plenty of pictures of it!

Now, on to the event I’d been looking forward to for so long: my baby shower!

My mom, mother-in-law Greta, and lifelong friend Gillian spent months planning the shower, and it turned out so beautifully. I didn’t take any photos, as I was busy mingling with about 15 of my favorite ladies, so I don’t have every lovely detail to share, but here’s what I do have thanks to photos from Greta’s phone and some photos Aaron took at the end.


Greta hosted the shower at the community cabana in her neighborhood, and Gillian transformed the space with gorgeous flowers in pretty glass milk bottles and fun paper poofs all over the place. Gillian also put together little favors of different shades of pink nail polish, and Greta made sure we had my very favorite cake: the white-chocolate raspberry flavor from Nothing Bundt Cakes!


I don’t have any photos of the food and drinks, but my mom coordinated a wonderful spread of kale salad, a fruit and cheese platter, and Mediterranean tapas (like prosciutto, mozzarella balls, roasted red peppers, etc.) with crusty bread. She also made sure there was plenty of wine on hand for the drinking ladies, and lemonade for me. 🙂

After everyone dug into the food and chatted for a bit, we played a fun game where everyone tried to match each person to her baby photo. I wound up winning, getting all but two correct. I had an unfair advantage since I was one of the few women who knew all the other women quite well, but hey, it was my shower. 🙂 I won a bottle of champagne, which I shall hoard and enjoy in a few months.

Next, we played a Price-is-Right style game where everyone tried to guess the total cost of several baby items. I didn’t play this one, and instead acted as a model. This angle really shows how crazy-big my belly is — eeeee!!


The correct answer was $37 and change, and my friend Amy won with her amazing guess of $36!


Finally, Aaron joined the party just in time to help open gifts, which was perfect because I was so overwhelmed by all of them.


I wanted to give adequate attention to each gift, but also open them fairly quickly so people wouldn’t get bored. We shared duties to keep things moving: I would read the card while Aaron started opening the corresponding gift, and it worked out really well. I also loved having Aaron there because the gifts are for our whole little family to enjoy, not just me!

There are about a million photos of us making crazy expressions while opening gifts, but here are just a few.


I did not know tiny baby bracelets were a thing! This gorgeous one from Greta is more of a keepsake than something she’ll actually wear, but it’s so darn cute.


We got so many precious little outfits and snuggly animals and blankies.


There were lots of oohs and ahhs from the group. 🙂


And finally, my mom made me cry with the stunning handmade quilt she put together for her first grandchild. ❤


She started working on it right when we found out for sure we were having a girl. So pretty, and so very special.

Thank you so much again to my mom, Greta, and Gillian for making my shower such an amazing and memorable experience! I couldn’t have asked for a better group of ladies to celebrate with, and they all brought so much love for our baby. 


We’re more excited than ever to meet her in just a few months.


Side note: I was sooo comfortable in my dress. I bought it from Nordstrom, but some sizes and colors are available on Amazon for less. I ordered and returned a LOT of different dresses before I found this one that just worked. I always thought pregnant women were just effortlessly adorable with their cute baby bumps, but in my experience, it’s been tough to find the right fit for all my new curves. Don’t be surprised to see me in this dress again… and again… for anything else I need to look nice for.

We have our next doctor appointment and ultrasound tomorrow, and we’re so excited to see our baby again. Fingers crossed that all is well and she’s not getting too big in there. I’ll report back next week!

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