Pregnancy: Week 24


I’m officially six months pregnant! That feels nice and far along.

We had a monthly checkup with our ob-gyn this week, where I had my official weigh-in (13 pounds gained so far) and did my glucose tolerance test to check for gestational diabetes.


I drank this ultra-sugary drink, then gave a blood sample an hour later. I’ve read that some women think this drink is really gross, but I loved it! It reminded me of a flat orange soda — delicious. I could have had another one! I don’t know what that says about me…

I passed the test and don’t have gestational diabetes — hurrah! That wasn’t even my most nerve-wracking test this week, though.

Last year, during my regular annual exam, my doctor found a lump in my breast that she said I should get checked out. So six months ago, just before I got pregnant, I had an ultrasound that showed the lump was most likely a benign fibroadenoma — a very common, harmless thing. I was given the option to have it biopsied just to make sure, or to wait and have another ultrasound in six months to make sure it didn’t grow or change. I opted to wait.

I questioned that decision a few times over the past six months, as I would go back and forth between thinking, “It’s probably fine!” and, “Oh no, what if it’s not fine?” I wished I had just had it biopsied before getting pregnant, because obviously if it turned out to be something bad, it would be a lot worse to deal with while pregnant. But the doctor who had identified it as a fibroadenoma sounded very convinced it was nothing to worry about, so I just tried to calm down and believe it was fine.

Anyway, I had my follow-up ultrasound on the same day as the ob-gyn appointment, and it showed the lump had grown. The doctor said this was completely expected due to my pregnancy — everything has grown! — but I would need to have it biopsied anyway.

So, I had a needle biopsy done to collect three samples of tissue. The area was completely numb, so I didn’t feel anything during the procedure, but it didn’t feel too awesome later that day or the day after. My chest is already tender a lot of the time anyway, so it didn’t make too much of a difference. There is some lovely bruising, though!

I got the biopsy results the following day and it turns out the lump is benign and nothing to worry about, thank goodness. The next step is to have another ultrasound in a year just to check on it. I am so, so, so relieved!

I debated whether or not to share this experience here, but maybe some of you haven’t had your breasts checked in a while — whether you need a manual exam from your doctor, or you’re due for a mammogram — and this will remind you to make an appointment. Do it now, do it now, do it now! It’s always better to know what’s going on with those things, y’know?

As long as I’m talking about boobs, I’ll point you to the bra that has kept me as comfortable as possible during pregnancy: the Simply Perfect by Warner’s Super Soft Wireless Contour Bra. It’s only $16.99 at Target! In my seventh week of pregnancy, I spent a looong time at Target trying on tons of different bras before I found this one, which gave me plenty of support and shape without an uncomfortable underwire. I’ve been wearing it ever since, and I just bought the navy one, too. (Why don’t they make it in black?? So strange.)

Based on the reviews, it looks like lots of other women also love it, so give it a shot if you’re looking for a super-comfy bra, pregnant or not!

On the clothing front, shopping for maternity clothes is much less fun now that my belly is seriously bumping. I feel like all of my cold-weather clothes are drab shades of grey and black and white, so I’ve been hoping to find some things with color, but everything I’ve tried over the past few weeks has just looked odd and unflattering. I guess the things I already have are the most flattering, so I’ll just stick with them?


This was the best I looked after trying on a bunch of stuff, but I was already wearing this outfit (with a long sweater on top for work), so I made zero progress. I do love these A Pea in the Pod basic tanks, A Pea in the Pod leggings and BP. Trolley booties, though. I own more than one color of each of these items, naturally, and they are pretty much the basis of every outfit I wear.

We did make a little progress on the nursery this week, though! The crib bedding I ordered arrived, and it looks just as cute as I had hoped.


Clockwise from top left:

Circo ‘Balloon Ride’ Fitted Crib Sheet
Circo ‘Sweet Kitty’ Heart Fitted Crib Sheet
Circo ‘Snooz’n Safari’ Fitted Crib Sheet
TL Care Dot Crib Skirt (returned)
Circo Dot Crib Skirt

I figure we’ll be cycling through fitted sheets on a fairly regular basis thanks to the various messes babies make, and I like the idea of having a selection of different prints that coordinate with one neutral crib skirt. Target also carries a bunch of other adorable prints by the same brand, so we can always add to our collection if we need more! I ordered two similar crib skirts because the reviews were a little iffy on how the Circo version hangs, but I ironed out all the crazy wrinkles and it looks fine.

We also just got the curtains I ordered, but haven’t hung them yet. If they work, I’ll post an updated nursery picture showing the bedding and curtains next week!

What else? Oh, I did a prenatal yoga DVD this week! My mom got it for me, as she is super into yoga, and it provided a nice, relaxing whole-body stretch. I should do it at least once a week to stay limber-ish.

Aside from that, I only got out for one walk this week — but it was a lovely one.


I live for sunny weekend days when I can spend an hour or two outside and at least pretend it’s not the dead of winter, although the frosty ground and icy sidewalk do a great job of reminding me that spring is still several months away. I can’t wait until it stays light enough for me to walk outside after work! I haven’t been to the gym yet in 2016 because I’m afraid it’ll be packed, but I really should get back on the treadmill this week. I’ll fight for it if I have to! I’m seriously behind on Serial due to my laziness.

One last thing I’ll note, as I write this on the last day of week 24, is that I’m feeling a resurgence of intense hunger and exhaustion. The baby is kicking away every day and growing like crazy, so this is no surprise, but I feel like it marks the beginning of the end of my super-easy phase of pregnancy. Plus, everything I’m reading in my pregnancy app is basically like, “Shit’s about to get a whole lot worse.”

For example, here are some things I do not currently have, but apparently can look forward to in the coming weeks: itchy belly, swelling, headaches, gas, hemorrhoids, restless leg syndrome, Braxton Hicks contractions, dizziness, nasal congestion, increasing immobility… the list goes on. Wheeee!

In the meantime, I’ll continue to be grateful for every day that I feel good, and just try to keep moving so that I can continue feeling good for longer!

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