Abs Require Work Apparently

I stayed on track with all of my workouts this week and am now looking forward to a rest day tomorrow! I’m so ready to sleep in; it was really tough to get up this morning.

Once I dragged myself out of bed and went to the gym, I did a mix of my usual free-weight exercises and half of The Dozen core routine.

I either don’t understand how to do reps of a push-up side plank or am just not strong enough. Am I supposed to be doing one-armed push-ups while holding a side plank?? Or maybe I’m supposed to be going from a regular plank to a side plank. That’s probably it. (I wish this workout had accompanying video of the moves, or more detailed explanations.)

Anyway, I did the bicycle abs, back bridge, ab scissors, prone plank, fire hydrant, and donkey extension. Next time, I’ll try to do the whole routine all the way through.

I’ve never made a concerted effort to strengthen my core, and simply wishing for rock-hard abs to appear on my body hasn’t worked so far. I guess I actually have to try. 🙂

An empty gym means it’s time for an awkward gym selfie!

It also means I got to blast Taylor Swift from my phone. Is anyone else going to see her on the 1989 World Tour?? I am!!! (Thank you, husband, best gift ever!)

My hair is now too short to fit into a ponytail, so I just French braid the front parts back and pin them to stay out of my face. It works really well, even for running.  It’s kind of fun to feel what little hair I have flowing behind me as I run!

I last cut my hair in January and then left it alone for several months, thinking I might grow it long, but I’m so glad I cut it again a few weeks ago. Short hair is so easy for summer.

It also makes me feel more spunky!

To round out this random post, I’ll tell you about our new obsession with basil now that we’ve planted an herb box. We’ve been grabbing fresh basil every morning for our eggs, and I hope our plants will be big enough at some point to make pesto!

We also have cilantro, although Aaron used most of it last night to make this avocado cilantro lime rice, which was awesome, so it was totally worth the sacrifice. Maybe it will grow back? If not, we’ll just plant more basil in its place. 🙂

Any more ideas for delicious ways enjoy basil?

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