We had a very Christmas-y weekend!

On Saturday, Aaron and I enjoyed an early Christmas dinner at his dad and stepmom’s house with my mom and her fiancé. I love that our families are all hanging out together now that we’re one big family! My mom and I wore the same top (that we bought while shopping together, of course), so we had to get a photo to document the fact that we’re basically the same person. This is the kind of thing that makes me desperately want to have a little girl someday, in the hopes that she and I will have the same relationship that my mom and I do. To me, there is no higher compliment than to say I am just like my mom!

Sunday was Aaron’s mom’s birthday, and I swear Greta is getting YOUNGER and more fabulous each year. Want to know what a lifetime of healthy eating and daily exercise gets you? That gorgeous face! But everyone has to make an exception on their birthday, so we feasted on Chinese food while watching the Seahawks crush the Cardinals, and later ate ridiculously fudgy Pioneer Woman brownies that Aaron made from scratch. He is becoming quite the baker and cook; lucky me!!!

Greta has kept every holiday card she’s ever sent in a photo album, so flipping through it is so fun. I can see Aaron grow up from a little 8-month-old baby in 1986 (pictured, and ah-mazing) to the awkward teenage years and beyond. Most years included a family letter, so I now know about Aaron’s top accomplishments and injuries from each year. Obviously this year’s biggest accomplishment was marrying me. 🙂 But what a wonderful tradition and keepsake that is! We just sent our first holiday card this year, so I need to start our album.

And finally, today is Day 1/Run 1 of Big Sur Marathon training. This is a bucket list race, not a PR race, so I won’t be killing myself to run fast during training, but I will be running alllllll the hills to prep for the course. I just want to enjoy the race and the incredible Pacific Ocean views, so I probably won’t even wear a Garmin during it. But I do want to feel strong, so I’ll be putting in 4x/week running and 2x/week strength training for the next 18 weeks!

And the only way I’ll blog about it consistently is if I write on the bus to work, so here ya go. Hope you liked it!

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