Lake Sammamish Half TOMORROW!

I figured I should do a quick catch-up post before tomorrow’s half marathon! I’m currently drinking tri-berry Nuun to hydrate (that is, eh-hem, rehydrate after the glass of red wine I just had at happy hour with Karen).

Let’s back up to last Saturday. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know I BOUGHT MY WEDDING DRESS!!! The bridal shop congratulated me with a cute card and everything. šŸ™‚

After four months, 10 bridal shops, and quite possibly more than 100 dresses, I finally found the PERFECT one and I’m so glad I held out for it! Now I can picture exactly what our wedding day will look like, and I tear up every time.


OK, on to Sunday’s long run. I ran 12 rainy, windy, incredibly miserable miles along the half-marathon course. It was NOT FUN.

I’ve completely lost the ability to pace myself (THANKS, gym treadmill), so I started too fast and was pretty tired midway through this run. The headwind all the way back to my car was rough, too. Here’s hoping the weather cooperates tomorrow!

Goals for the race:

1. Don’t burn out in the first half.
2. Stay positive.
3. Finish strong.
4. PR?

I’m wary of really getting my hopes up for a PR (sub-1:55) since I crashed and burned so hard in my last half marathon, but I think my training went really well and I have it in me to PR if I pace myself well.

Which is precisely what I’ve been sucking at.

But… I’ll stay positive.

Stay tuned!

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