Aaron and I got our engagement photos back and we couldn’t be happier with them! Here are just nine of my faves. Click on the first photo to view them in better quality, slideshow style.

I can’t say enough good things about our incredible photographer, Kali Leenstra, who will also be shooting our wedding. She absolutely turned our in-person awkwardness into playful, love-filled energy on camera.

She also shot about half the photos with old-school film — as in one shot, no re-dos, no way to know what the photos look like until the film is developed and scanned by a lab. All the photos you see above with the lovely blurred backgrounds (#4, 5, 6, 8, 9) were shot with film. Crazy!

And how handsome and adorable is Aaron? Don’t even answer. I know the answer.

Psst… looking for fall boots? I’m obsessed with mine and they’re on sale at Nordstrom! I tend to have trouble finding boots that fit my calves, but a bit of hidden elastic on these makes them fit very comfortably. 🙂

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