6 Charts That Show How The War On Fat Was A Gigantic Mistake

“Back in the year 1977, the low-fat diet was recommended to all Americans. Looking back, it is interesting to see that the obesity epidemic started at almost the exact same time the guidelines first came out.

"Although this graph doesn’t prove anything (correlation does not equal causation), this does make sense because people started giving up traditional foods like butter in place of processed ‘low-fat’ foods high in sugar.

"Since then, many massive studies have been conducted on the low-fat diet. These studies show clearly that the low-fat diet does not cause weight loss and has zero effect on cardiovascular disease in the long term (678).

"Despite the poor results in the studies, this diet is still recommended by nutrition organizations all over the world.”

Yeah, read this.

6 Charts That Show How The War On Fat Was A Gigantic Mistake

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