THREE DAYS until the Chicago Marathon!

I’m sorry for being such an absentee blogger lately!

Last week I was in San Francisco for a work conference, and my right shin, ankle, and foot started feeling wonky. I skipped one five-mile run to rest and became very friendly with the hotel ice machine in the evenings. I was super-busy with the conference and my blogging would have just been really complain-y anyway, so I kept all my taper freak-out thoughts to myself.

When I got back to Seattle and to running, things felt… just OK. And then I had a flawless, confidence-boosting final long run on Sunday, and now I feel GREAT!

OK, maybe it was flawed in that I ran wayyy too fast — a prime example of what NOT to do during the marathon — but I couldn’t help it. I was so excited that I finally met a Seattle blogger I love: Emily of Daily Garnish!

Photo from Emily’s Instagram.

Emily and I have been friends online for about two years, and I can’t believe it took us this long to cross paths. I literally ran right into her, her husband Casey, and their son Cullen at Green Lake within the first mile of my run! Emily is just as adorable in real life as she is on her blog, and she’s about to have baby #2 any day now. So exciting!

That afternoon, I met even more Internet friends IRL for brunch.

From left: me, Rebecca, Sarah, and Kristin. Kristin and I are actually college buddies, and Rebecca and Sarah are Oiselle teammates!

We’re all running Chicago, so we had a blast swapping training stories, talking taper madness, and laying out our race strategies (mine is: have fun and don’t screw it up). I’m so excited to see these ladies in Chicago, whether it’s before, after, or even during the race!

And speaking of Chicago, here’s my rough plan of activities:

– Arrive in Chicago mid-afternoon
– Hit up the race expo ASAP before all the good shirts get snapped up

– 8 a.m. shakeout run with Bart Yasso

This is free and open to all! Get the details and RSVP here.

– Attend Liz’s meetup at noon
– Eat appropriately, hydrate, and get plenty of sleep!

– Run run run
– Try not to end up in the medical tent
– If I can walk, possibly attend the Granato Racing + Oiselle after-party

Details are here. Email for an invite!

– Whatever else I can manage to do! It really depends on how the race goes and how wrecked I am afterward

– See the sights and eat all the food in Chicago!

I only have six training miles left to run, including four tonight. Can’t believe it!

It’s gonna be FUN!

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