22 miles



I didn’t drink a drop of alcohol at the wedding yesterday, was in bed by 11, got a solid nine hours of sleep, and then destroyed this run.

My legs, lungs, and stomach felt amazing. No issues whatsover! The only slight downer was that it absolutely poured for the last 11 miles, so I was compleeeeetely soaked! It made me feel like a badass, though. And if I get pneumonia, then I’ll just be a badass with pneumonia.

I could have run 4.2 more miles. This makes me very excited for the Chicago Marathon in three short weeks!!!

Now, it’s taper time! And what better way to kick off a taper than with a 90-minute deep-tissue massage?? Oh yes, it’s happening in a few hours. I’ve strategically saved a birthday gift card from Aaron’s mom and stepdad for this exact moment!

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