Post-half running and a rest day, finally

Hello, dreary, gray, gloomy, rainy REST DAY!!!

It’s generally advisable to take a rest day (or multiple — one for every mile) after a race, and yet… I did not do that. Don’t be like me.

On Tuesday, my legs felt… fine. Like no half-marathon ever happened. I stood at my standing desk most of the day and waited for muscle pain or tightness or fatigue to creep it, but it never did. So I scrapped my loose plans for a massage (I’m hoarding a gift card until the optimal opportunity arrises) and went for a five-mile recovery run instead.

I ran the outer loop of Green Lake, which is gravel/dirt rather than a paved trail, to keep my pace casual. I honestly just needed a good sweat to rid myself of any lingering disappointment after the half-marathon.

I know 2:05:43 is not, by any means, a time to be ashamed of! But the fact that it’s two minutes slower than my very first half and 10 minutes slower than my PR, plus the way it went down — basically nine miles of solid running, and then a walkathon for miles 10-13 — well, let’s just say I know I could have done better.

And I’ll save all the negative thoughts I had during this race for the official recap. GET. EXCITED.

Last night, I had eight miles on my Chicago Marathon training plan, but I cut it down to five because otherwise I’d end up running 54 miles this week, which is kind of crazy given that I’ve only run 29 and 23 miles in the past two weeks. So 51 miles is… somehow… better?

Fun numbers happen when you run a half-marathon and then need to run a 20-miler in the same week. I could delay the 20-miler, but then I’d be running it at elevation in Colorado, so NOPE.

Back to last night:

With a side of awesome sunset:

Time to go to work. I kind of love rainy days because being at work, sheltered from all the crappy rain, is actually kind of nice and cozy. Just add a hot mug of tea.

Even if lightning strikes me on the way home tonight, I promise I will write part one (oh yes, multiple parts) of my Hood to Coast recap and post it either late tonight or tomorrow morning!

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