Our Suncadia vacation

Suncadia is a resort in Cle Elum, about 90 minutes outside of Seattle. There, 22 members of Aaron’s family — hailing from Seattle, Colorado, Chicago, Michigan, and Florida — gathered for five days last week for a big reunion.

The resort lived up to its name! Since it was so hot and sunny, we spent most of our time doing this:


No complaints here!

I had good intentions to complete three runs during the vacation, but only did one — a measly four-miler that was super-slow and felt a little like death, thanks to the elevation. After that, I decided that staying up late to play cards every night and then sleeping in was way more fun than waking up early enough to run seven miles on Saturday and 14 miles on Sunday before it got too hot. Oh, well.

We did do some slowwwww, casual biking around the resort! I’m still not very comfortable on a bike, thanks to my accident last Labor Day. The trauma endures.


And one day, a bunch of us went to Cashmere to go whitewater rafting on the Wenatchee River! The weather was perfect, and it was SO much fun.



I only almost fell out of the boat twice. Win!


Notice that I’ve given up paddling here and am just holding onto Aaron’s vest for dear life. Typical.


It was lovely to meet more of Aaron’s extended family and get to know them, since I think all of them will be coming to our wedding next fall.

My family is pretty tiny (one brother, only two cousins!), but with all of Aaron’s half- and step-siblings and cousins, plus all of their families, I’m marrying into a huuuuge, fun, awesome group of people!

Our group stayed in two amazing rental houses on the Suncadia grounds. This was the house Aaron and I stayed in with nine other people.




Just a little cabin in the woods, y’know? Ridiculous. Someone actually owns this as their vacation home and rents it out through Suncadia when they’re not using it. The kitchen was my fave. So gorgeous and roomy!

Now it’s back to Seattle (which has suddenly turned gray and gloomy) and sea level. But Aaron and I aren’t through with vacations and elevation yet! Our next trip in September is to…


Boulder and Vail, yo. It’s going to be brutal for marathon training, but it’ll be so, so beautiful!

Any tips for running at high altitude? I’m gonna need ‘em.

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