4, 5, 6

Today I woke up naturally at 4:58, turned off my 5:00 alarm, and went for a 6-mile run. I might be a ninja.


My entire inner monologue for 55 minutes went like this: “SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN SLOW DOWN.” I consider an “easy” run to be like 9:10 to 9:45 pace, so this was good enough for me, even with a few too-fast middle miles.


Sunrise action.

And last night, there was rooftop action. My company hosts a monthly happy hour to welcome new hires, which I usually do not attend, but this one was on the sunny rooftop of the Hard Rock Cafe, so I actually participated and socialized for once.  


Some of my co-workers were shocked to see me with a drink in hand, but I could probably drink a watermelon mojito every day for the rest of the summer. So much yum.

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