Training catch-up!

I’ve been a lazy blogger this week. Why?

One word: HOMELAND.

Aaron and I ripped through the first season of it before he left for Scotland, and now I’m anticipating withdrawals until he gets back and we can start on season two. I’ll be OK. I’ll distract myself with this marathon thing I have coming up.

My runs haven’t been super exciting this week. At this point, I just have to not get injured or sick and I’ll be able to go the distance. I’m popping vitamins and Emergen-C like crazy and trying not to jinx anything.

MONDAY: Four miles. It felt so nice to run just four miles!


WEDNESDAY: Three miles. This just felt weird. It wasn’t that long ago that my Wednesday-night run was eight miles.


THURSDAY (aka tonight): My last hill workout of marathon training. Hallelujah!


I did 10 hill repeats with a little half-mile running break after the first five.

By the way, I’ve gotten scary-good with predicting how long each run will take me. Prior to this run, I added 37 minutes of running to my My Fitness Pal diary. The run took me 37:01.


Looking back on my training plan, it looks like I did nine hill workouts over my 17 weeks of training. Not bad! Will it be enough to get me through Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle? Ummmm, it’ll have to be.

I’m excited to ditch hill repeats in favor of speedwork for Chicago Marathon training since Chicago is as flat as they come. Suck it, hills!!!

In my intense study of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Marathon course, I realized that I will be running through tunnels like four times and completely losing satellites for my Garmin. That happened to me when I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Seattle Half a few years ago, and it made me kind of panicky.

To avoid that feeling this year, I’ve ordered my first PaceTat!


This temporary tattoo will go on the inside of my arm to help me stay on track for my desired finish time, even when my Garmin gets out of whack from the tunnels.

And yes, I ordered the 3:55 tat. DREAM BIG.

That’s all I’ve got for you for now. The winner of the Tour de France video contest is supposed to be announced FRIDAY, which is TOMORROW, so expect either a post of utter joy or heartbreak when the news hits. I’ll try to make it really dramatic either way. GET EXCITED.

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