Last long run DONE!

Gotta make this quick! Currently shoving bacon into my mouth before I have to shower, pack, and get on the road.

Last night I ran four miles on the faster side:

And this morning I did my 12-mile long run — the last double-digit run I’ll do before the marathon!

It’s so fun to run while everyone else is commuting to work on a Friday. Sorry to anyone who’s at work right now and currently cursing me. 🙂

We’re heading three-ish hours away to Chelan today, since Aaron has a mountain bike race there tomorrow. It’s the same race that ended, uhhh, not well last year:

DNF, fractured clavicle, and clavicle separation. He got a sweet moon gown, though.

Keep your fingers crossed for no injuries and a spot on the podium this year!!!

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