Last night I did a “recovery run” of five miles (quotation marks because the level of recovery I achieved is doubtful):

I just ran by feel and didn’t look at my watch until it beeped with each mile split. My legs actually felt great! My quads have been sore due to the 19.3 racing/running adventure on Saturday, but they caused no trouble on this run.

Today is a rest day because it’s my birthday!!! I’m 26, although you’d never know it from the maturity level demonstrated in the photo below.

I’ve already celebrated my birthday twice — last weekend with my mom, Don (her fiance), and my brother, and on Sunday with Greta and Mark (Aaron’s stepdad) — so it feels odd to now have the actual day here when I’ve already blown out candles and eaten epic Peppermint Patty cake.

Who cares? Let’s celebrate again!

I just got a 20% discount code from Nuun yesterday to share with everyone (not related to my birthday, but let’s pretend it is), so here you go! Get 20% off of Nuun through June 7 if you want!

I’ll be using the discount to get some watermelon Nuun (new flavor!) at least. I might just go nuts and get one of everything.

FYI, I don’t get any cool-kid benefits if you use the discount — it’s just for fun and sharesies.

Happy birthday to me. Happy Nuun-day to you!

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