Scenes from today’s final race of the Singletrack Cycles West Side Mountain Bike Series.

Aaron’s dad, Dwight, and stepmom, Maggie, came out to spectate, which was awesome! I see so much of both Dwight and his mom, Greta, in Aaron, and he has all of their best personality qualities (of which there are many) as well. Maybe I’m biased, but seriously, I really won the in-law lottery with both sides of his family.

Aaron capped off his epic domination of this race series with another win, plus the most hilarious podium jump, which was instigated by Joey in the plaid shirt. I love how they all just went for it — absolutely no hesitation. I can’t stop laughing at that photo!

And, of course, Aaron snagged first place in the Cat-1 20-29 age group for the entire series. Whoop whoop!!! He won a bit of cash, some tires, chamois cream, homemade cupcakes, and a sweet award.

Plus glory. Endless glory.

Did I mention I get to marry this man??

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