Seattle Tumblrs!

Some Tumblr people met up for dinner in Capitol Hill tonight, someone ordered about 40 clams and ate them all, and then someone (possibly the same person) suggested we go eat cupcakes.

What can I say? I’m a seafood-loving cupcake-enabler.

Anna and I went halfsies on red velvet and salted caramel cupcakes, and Darcy and Amy went for a mini cupcake and a cake pop, respectively. YUM.

It was absolutely lovely to meet Anna after following her blog for something crazy like two years now, and to meet Darcy and Amy, both of whom I didn’t follow before tonight even though they live in the same city and go to my alma mater because WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. Don’t worry, I’ve rectified that situation.

Those young whippersnappers continued on to a bar after the cupcakes, but because I’m a grandma, I went home and ate this cookie that Aaron brought home from work, too. Might as well get all my sugar in in one day, yes?

This… this is what happens when a chocolate chip cookie and an Oreo meet and fall in love. GAME-CHANGER.

Now I must relax, give into my sugar coma, and give thanks for fun times with friends from the Interwebs!

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